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Cobwebs throughout facility, cups stored in restroom, employee hygiene issues: restaurant inspection results

Many midstate food establishments are inspected each week and come through with no problems. 

But some in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon counties had violations during inspections conducted from Sept. 11 to Sept 17. No Perry County businesses were inspected during this time, but the most recent reports can be read here.

At a Cumberland County restaurant, an employee was observed handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands.

A Lancaster County country club was deemed out of compliance when, among other violations, an employee was seen scooping a handful of food out of a food warmer containing food meant for customers. Other food prep employees were not wearing beard covers.

A Dauphin County establishment was storing sleeves of single-use cups in the restroom.

A number of schools in Dauphin, Lebanon and York counties were inspected, with mixed results.

A York business had a large accumulation of cobwebs all around the facility.

Also in Lebanon County, one establishment had a number of hygiene violations involving proper hand washing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture oversees restaurant inspections in the state. Inspection reports are “snapshots” of the day and time the inspections took place. In many cases, violations are corrected on site prior to the inspector leaving.

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