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CNN's Corey Lewandowski Tries To Hide His Face While Sneaking Off Trump's Plane

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski was caught trying to hide his face from the media when he was spotted leaving Trump’s campaign plane this weekend:

Politico’s Ben Schreckinger tweeted Saturday afternoon, “Lewandowski just got off Trump’s plane with a hood pulled down way over his face.”

Weather.com reported that Saturday afternoon temperatures in Newark were in the low 70s, so presumably Lewandowski was not shielding his face from the cold.

NBC political reporter Sopan Deb confirmed that Lewandowski has been traveling with Trump’s campaign this weekend. Normally media personnel do not travel with Trump and his advisors. The CNN correspondent has faced conflict of interest questions since he left the Trump campaign and started at CNN. FEC records confirmed in August that Lewandowski was double-dipping by continuing to take funds from Trump while pulling down a paycheck at CNN.

I’ll just reiterate what Fran said here when CNN first admitted he still gets a check from Trump:

I appreciate the catch and the report, MMFA, but “acted more like a spokesman” is an understatement. Every time we run a video of Lewandowski here at C&L it is clear that he works first and foremost for “Mr. Trump.” It was a silly waste of your reputation as a news channel, your payroll budget, and your goodwill with your shareholders that you “hired” this guy to pad his resume with your logo.

And as they noted at Raw Story, former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien confirmed on Twitter that “the arrangement appears to be ethically questionable.”

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