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CNN Trump Surrogate: Donald Trump's Calls Of 'Rigged Election' Is GOTV Effort

CNN and Trump surrogates Scottie Neil Hughes told host Chris Cuomo that Trump’s calls of a “rigged election” was his attempts to get his “people out to the polls.”

CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo and said, “It’s totally allowable these days to say, hey, if she wins, everything is going to go terribly. That’s fair, but to attack the system, does that trouble you at all? Even [Trump] said after the first debate, he would back and support Hillary Clinton, if she on the election. Now he’s changing, does it bother you to criticize the system and undermine confidence that way?”

As you’d expect, Scottie said, “Not at all because right now it’s all about who is going to turn their people out to the polls. The Clinton camp has one way of doing it, one strategy, and the Trump camp is saying, you have to turn out. no way you can’t stay home this year if you want to see the republicans take over the White House.”

Cuomo said, “It’s okay to say you have to go out there or they will steal the race from us?”

Hughes then listed a bunch of statistics she says backs up their case of massive voter fraud, which was easily dispatched by Cuomo.

She said, “Here’s the technical. 1.8 million people are deceased on the voter registrations right now. 2.95 million are voted, are registered to vote in one state. There are some issues that need to be addressed right now with voter registration and making sure it’s accurate.”

Scottie Neil Hughes basically said she has no proof at all that there is voter fraud, but there are a few troubling technical issues.

Cuomo replied, “He’s saying it’s already rigged. He’s saying if I lose, it’s because they did it dirty. You don’t think that that is a bad thing to suggest with no proof?”

Scottie then used the already discredited claims Republicans made about Mitt Romney and a district of voters in Philadelphia.

So what we learned is that Trump’s camp has no proof of a rigged election, but it’s still a really good GOTV plan?

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My. God.

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