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CNN Panel Goes Off The Rails As Trump Surrogate Swats Female Panelist

Angela Rye and Andre Bauer appeared with Brooke Baldwin on CNN to debate the issues around these new allegations about Donald Trump and Michelle Obama’s ringing condemnation.

After Rye finished an impassioned argument for why this election is really now about just doing the right thing on a human level, policy be damned, Bauer leapt to his candidate’s defense.

As he did so, Rye tried to be quiet, but couldn’t resist muttering his name, to which he replied, “I didn’t interrupt you, darlin’.”

Watch Rye and Baldwin’s faces when he says that. What he said, and how he said it, with that condescending attitude toward them, is exactly what we all feel when Trump claims the women who allege assault are lying.

Bauer didn’t think the other women were his equal. He just saw them as ‘darlin’.”

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