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CNN Legal Advisor Doubts Airplane Assault Story: 'There Would Have Been Witnesses'

CNN legal advisor Paul Callan dropped a novel bit of shade on one of the ladies who came forward to tell her story in the New York Times about Donald Trump’s alleged assault on her in the first class section of an airplane.

Unsolicited, Callan offered this bit of analysis. “Could i just say from a legal standpoint, the lead story, the woman we just saw on the tape, at least at first glance, it kind of looks problematic.”

Why, Mr. Callan? What’s problematic about it?

“She said if he had just touched her above the waist, it wouldn’t have made any difference,” he explained. “But when he went below the waist, it made a difference and she’s in first class, which is sort of –“

Oh. Well, she said she got away and went back to coach, right? Well, Callan wasn’t done yet.

“In first class, because the seats are spread apart so widely, things are kind of obvious in first class that may not be in a crowded cabin, so i think there would have been witnesses at the time and it was not reported,” he continued.

“So, it — her story has a lot of problems just on the surface of it.”

Anecdotally, I’ll just say it’s harder to do those things in coach than it is in first class, but I have my own airplane story to tell, and I will just call bullsh*t on his legal analysis.

Maybe, more importantly, I would ask him why on earth he’s even saying this? This woman is on the record, on video, speaking her truth and her memory. And it’s consistent with what Trump himself has said — that he just takes what he wants because he can.

Why a legal analyst felt he had to go on CNN and do that, I do not know. But I do know that Corey Lewandowski jumped on it in the very next segment and claimed it proves she’s lying.

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