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CNN Anchor: 'In His Defense, He Has Not Incited Any Violence'

A very odd exchange on CNN this morning.

Apparently because Hillary Clinton there haven’t been any attempts on her life yet, Donald Trump’s language about the secret service laying down their weapons and “let’s see what happens” is somehow appropriate. [Hint: It’s not.] And all this in a country where three presidents have already been assassinated in the history of the country, and many others had attempts made on their lives.

Mind-boggling stupidity.

CNN CHRISTI PAUL: Jeffrey, now, in his defense, as far as I know, he has not incited any violence himself. But his language certainly does seem, Jeffrey, to consistently go to “I’m going to punch somebody in the face”, or it comes back to guns. I understand the point he’s trying to make about the restrictions that Hillary Clinton wants to make around the second amendment, but let’s flip it around here. if Hillary Clinton had got up and said, let’s disarm his secret service immediately. Let’s see what happens to him. Take their guns away, it would be very dangerous. if she said that about him, would you not see that as a threat?

JEFFREY LORD: No. No. No…I mean, I just think this is silly. I mean, this is exactly the kind of, you know, with all due respect to all of my peers and myself included, chattering class nonsense that people out here in real America think is crazy. They think this kind of thing is crazy to take offence at something like this.

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