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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Reuben Wilson

The soul jazz movement of the mid to late 60’s had a lot of great groovy, funky records. There’s quite a few I dig a whole lot but my whole introduction to the sound was a little history lesson by a regular customer that used to come into the record store I was working at. He was picking up Reuben Wilson’s Blue Mode on CD. I asked him about and he hipped to it and some other titles I should look out for. I mentioned to him that we also had a copy in the used LP bins. He was much older than me and said “Someday you’ll learn that your back does not want to lug around crates of LP’s. And you can’t listen to them in your car.”

That was about 20 years ago. I am still lugging around crates to do a dj night and this record ends up in them often (because I bought the used bin LP copy.) Yeah, my back gets a little angry about it from time to time. Oh, and I still listen to CD’s in my car when the local college station goes out of range.

What’s your Sunday grooving to?

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