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Clinton makes a play for Republican stronghold of Arizona

It may be time to officially add Arizona to the list of battleground states.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced Monday that it was sending $2 million to Arizona and top surrogate Michelle Obama would appear in Phoenix Thursday. Bernie Sanders and Chelsea Clinton will be in the traditional Republican stronghold this week as well.

The Republican presidential nominee has carried the state in 11 of the last 12 elections. (Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, was the lone exception.)

“We do see opportunity in Arizona,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters on a call.

Will Clinton herself head to Arizona? Mook said he hopes to get the Democratic nominee there before Election Day.

Clinton’s campaign outlined Monday what it called unprecedented resources in a dozen battleground states as it looks to help win the Senate, make gains in the House and score two governorship victories.

Specifically, the campaign is helping in eight Senate races, 24 House races, two governor’s races and on the local level in at least one state, Michigan. It has 455 offices in battleground states.

The campaign will end $6 million into Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire and $1 million in Indiana & Missouri. That comes on top of $5 million sent to the campaign committees working on Senate and House victories.

“Trump is becoming more unhinged by the day and that is increasing prospects for Democrats further down the ballot,” Mook said.

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