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Clinton: ‘I wanted to be a journalist’

Hillary Clinton has said often that she didn’t always intend to run for political office — but as a child, she actively considered pursuing an entirely different career instead.

In an interview ahead of Wednesday night’s final presidential debate, Clinton said she had in fact considered becoming a reporter before pursuing law school and public life.

“When I was in junior high school I wanted to be a journalist,” Clinton told Snapchat’s head of news Peter Hamby on the app’s show “Good Luck America.” “I had a column in the junior high newspaper.”

“Wait, you had hot takes?” Hamby asked.

“Yeah, I mean, the food and whether anybody would eat it or not, those kinds of things.”

Clinton also discussed her college education at Wellesley, which she said taught her to reconsider her political affiliation as a Republican.

“I showed up as a Republican but then I began to really read and study. I realized I identified more” with Democrats, she said. When not studying, Clinton spent Friday and Saturday nights at “lots of dances — we called them mixers in those days.”

The show, which also interviewed Clinton’s childhood friend Betsey Ebeling along with Donald Trump’s ghostwriter and classmate, was unable to convince Trump himself to be interviewed, Hamby said in the five-minute segment. In his absence, the show interspersed descriptions of Trump’s privileged childhood and military schooling with clips from the campaign, including the 2005 clip in which Trump described grabbing women without their consent.

The episode is only available on Snapchat for 48 hours and expires early Friday morning.

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