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Clinton far ahead of Trump in ad spending

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are bombarding voters with far more advertising than Donald Trump, according to new data from NBC partner Advertising Analytics.

The numbers show the Clinton campaign has spent $96.4 million so far in ads in general election ads. Trump and his allies have spend $17.3 million, according to numbers through this week, reported NBC’s “First Read.”

Add in ads from outside groups, and Clinton’s number balloons to $156.6 million versus $33.6 million for Trump.

The pro-Clinton groups have spent $60.2 million, while the Trump backers have spent $16.3 million.

Much of the advertising so far has been spent in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, and many of the ads are sharply critical of the opponent.

Clinton holds a 1.1 percentage point edge in the latest RealClearPolitics national poll average over Trump.

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