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City Council confirms Craig Meidl as Spokane's police chief

SPOKANE, Wash. -

The search for Spokane’s next police chief has come to a close. City Council voted Monday night to confirm Craig Meidl as the city’s permanent chief. Meidl was confirmed by a vote of 5 to 1 with Karen Stratton voting no and Breann Beggs choosing to abstain.

Stratton said she had received many emails from people in her district who felt the process was not fair and open, and was voting no to make sure those concerns were being heard.

Beggs on the other hand discussed his representation of the Zehm family during the time of Meidl’s controversial salute to Karl Thompson. Thompson was found guilty in depriving Otto Zehm of his civil rights and tampering with evidence in the case. 

Council President Ben Stuckart then pointed out Meidl had made amends for his actions and didn’t think it should be held against him.

“We can’t sit and talk about how people that have served their time, it shouldn’t be held against them, yet at the same benefit hold something against somebody when they have forgiveness and they have apologized to the community,” Stuckart said. “I’m really looking forward to working with you.

Meidl’s confirmation comes more than a month after it was put on hold to extend the search.

6 Questions with Spokane’s new Police Chief, Craig Meidl?

Meidl has been on the Spokane police force for 22 years and until now he’s held the ranks of Captain, Major and Assistant Chief.

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