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Chaz Green out of walking boot, making progress with his injured foot

Offensive tackle Chaz Green got out of his walking boot Monday, a good sign regarding his right foot strain.

“I’m progressing,” Green said Tuesday. “I’m getting stronger. I’m getting more movement in there. I’m doing some of the movement stuff and I think it’s progressing well.”

Green played all 76 plays in place of starting left tackle Tyron Smith against the 49ers in Week 4, even though he hurt his foot in the first half. Smith returned from a back injury to start last week, with Green inactive because of his injury.

“I played on it,” Green said of playing through the pain against San Francisco. “Once you’re out there, you’ve got your adrenalin flowing. You kind of want to finish the game. That’s what I try to do.”

Green, a second-year player who didn’t play last season after hip surgery, said he is day to day.

“I’m just kind of doing what they tell me to do, and we’ll see how it goes as the week progresses,” said Green, who also started for Smith against Chicago in Week 3.

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