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Charges anticipated against culprits who threw rocks from railroad overpass in Sunbury

SUNBURY — Charges could be filed before the end of the week in connection with incidents of rocks being thrown at vehicles from a railroad overpass, Sunbury police say.

Four Sunbury teenagers, one of whom is 18 and the others in the 12-year-old range have been identified so far as culprits, Capt. Stephen Bennick said Wednesday.

The youngsters claimed they did it for a thrill, he said. There have been no reports of injuries but damage claims have included a smashed windshield, he said.

The incidents at the Reagan Street overpass began in late August and have continued every couple of weeks, Bennick said. Police are asking anyone whose vehicle was damaged to call them at 570-286-4587, extension 107.

The Norfolk Southern overpass does not have protective fencing but is considered private property, he said.

The rock-throwing rekindled memories of what happened to Sharon Budd, an Ohio school teacher, on July 10, 2014, in nearby Union County.

A rock thrown from an Interstate 80 overpass smashed the windshield of a car in which she was the front- seat passenger nearly killing her. Four young men were prosecuted and sent to jail in that case.

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