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Central Dauphin High School threat 'unfounded' in wake of racial slur

Rumors of threats to Central Dauphin School District in the wake of a racist social media post this week were determined to be unfounded, school officials said Thursday.

Threats to “the Central Dauphin community” related to the post were investigated overnight and today, said Shannon Leib, district spokeswoman.

“It is absolutely unfounded,” she said. “We investigated every lead on social media. There is no threat to the students,” she said.

Central Dauphin High School Principal Kenneth Miller sent a letter to parents stating there were “rumors of unfounded threats. We have investigated each and every rumor and have found none of these threats to be credible.”

The threats arose over an instagram post shared on social media that showed a girl holding a sign which says “You stupid n….” with a heart next to it. The girl is with a group of smiling girls in an SUV or van, and one of them is wearing a CD shirt.

Superintendents of Central Dauphin and Harrisburg both have called for unity and calm, as the two schools’ teams have a football matchup Saturday afternoon.

State police were at the school this morning to provide additional support, and guidance counselors are available to talk with students, Miller said.

By 7:45 a.m., he said hallways were clear and classes were in session as usual.

Some students are reportedly wearing black today in support of their fellow students regarding the racial slur.

Racist Instagram post prompts call for unity ahead of Central Dauphin, Harrisburg game

Letter From CD Principal Kenneth Miller by Hope Stephan on Scribd


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