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Burglar takes more than $400 from Jay library

JAY – The Jay-Niles Memorial Library has fallen prey to a burglar that netted more than $400, mostly in raffle proceeds that were to go toward the children’s Summer Reading Program.

The burglary, reported Friday, has joined a list of burglaries that continues to grow.

The break-in is believed to have occurred either late Sept. 28 or early Sept. 29.

The library was entered through a window that was pried open, Police Chief Richard Caton IV said.

He declined to disclose the amount of cash taken from an office area.

Detective Michael Mejia and Cpl. Jeffrey Fournier responded to investigate.

Library Director Tamara Hoke said more than $400 is missing. It is a rare occasion that amount of money is kept at the library, but they had been running a raffle for a couple of months, she said. The raffle ended Sept. 24 at the Apple Pumpkin Festival in Livermore Falls. She thought she had put the $350 in raffle proceeds in a safe place at the library until she could get it to the treasurer that week to be deposited.

“Obviously, it was not as safe a place as I thought,” Hoke said.

The raffle money was to be used for the children’s summer reading program.

She had noticed little things that went against her typical habits at the library but thought she may have been tired and did them differently, Hoke said.

But with all of the inconsistencies she was noticing adding up, she decided to take a look around the outside of the library Friday. She noticed a screen had been removed from a window and entry gained. She reported the burglary to police.

People are rallying around the library, including owners of nearby My Dad’s Place, to help restore the money that was taken.

Financial security changes have also been made, Hoke said, that include any money that comes in to the library will be deposited right away.


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