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Browne's Addition apartment tenants fed up with bed bugs

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Right now it’s a bedbug nightmare for one pair of Spokane roommates. The two share an apartment in Browne’s Addition, and say they’ve been dealing with bed bugs for months and the owners aren’t doing their part to get rid of them.

Jamie Summers and Wednesday Bassett have noticed bedbugs in their apartment in Elm Apartments since April. They even have the scars and pictures to prove it. They contacted the owners: Inland Real Estate. This was the response they got:

“He’s already spent thousands of dollars heat treating, we’re not going to do it professionally, you need to use diatomaceous earth,” said the roommates.

Inland Real Estate bought them the diatomaceous earth, a powdery substance these roommates put all over their apartment.

“We used those and they didn’t work. It’s pretty much a Band-aid. It stopped it for two weeks and then it all came back,” said Summers and Bassett.

These roommates notified Inland Real Estate several times but didn’t get results.

“They were like just leave why do you live here if you don’t like it? Why do you live here?” said the roommates.

So they decided to put in their notice to move out, and they put up a sign to warn others.

“I’ve seen like 18 year olds these two 18-year-old girls come in, and I’m just glad I was coming in because I straight up told them don’t rent to this place there’s bed bugs,” said Summers.

Summers and Bassett received a notice that they have to remove their sign within eight days. They plan to move out of the complex at the beginning of October. KHQ reached out to the owner of Inland Real Estate. He didn’t want to go on camera, but said he’s been in contact with these tenants. He added the bedbugs were treated immediately, but it’s not a magic cure.

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