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Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty | Seven Tips for Smart Staging

On average, a staged home sells 88 percent faster – and for 20 percent more – than a home that’s not, according to acclaimed professional stager Meridith Baer.

Reports from the National Association of Realtors state that homebuyers make their decision in the first 90 seconds of seeing a house.

So how do you make the maximum impact in that first minute and a half? Consider the tips below.

Tour your home: Survey your home as if you were a potential buyer. Pay attention to where your focus is drawn; then pinpoint the best assets of each room. Highlight those assets – windows, tall ceilings, or a gracious fireplace.

Neutral paint color: You don’t want potential buyers to be distracted by loud design elements or wall colors. Neutral colors make a room look light and bright.

Remove personal items: For potential buyers, it’s important to show the “bones” of the home. This requires removing any emotional attachment. Clutter makes a room look small. Open spaces provide room for a new vision.

Spruce up curb appeal: Trim the lawn, weed and prune. The outdoor space is the first thing potential buyers see, so it’s imperative to make the perfect first impression.

Streamline furniture: Make sure not to confine traffic flow when staging your furniture. Encourage imagination by removing extraneous pieces that don’t support the overall design.

Do a thorough cleaning and neutralize odors: Clean carpets and sparkling windows are a must. Ask your agent or friend to perform a “nose check” – it’s likely you’re accustomed to smells of your home.

Don’t overlook repairs: Make sure that doors don’t stick, fixtures have light bulbs and cabinet hardware is secure. You want potential buyers to recognize that your home has been lovingly cared for.

President and CEO Robbie Briggs independently owns and operates Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. For more information see briggsfreeman.com.

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