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Boxer Adrien Broner Draws Concern Over Possible Suicide Note on Instagram

Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner Instagram)

Lightweight boxer Adrien Broner posted a series of alarming Instagram posts Wednesday hinting at taking his own life.

Broner initially posted what seemed like an inspirational message, writing “Change start [sic] today!”


But an hour later, a more disturbing message appeared.

“3 p.m. I’m doing it,” he stated. “I’m sorry to my family and friends but I don’t want to be here no more. This s— too much.”


“Sorry,” he simply wrote in the caption.

Then, the four-time world champion posted a photo of a handgun inside his vehicle. He announced he was heading home and told his followers he loved them.


Most recently, Broner shared an image alerting fans of how much time he had left before he allegedly pulled the trigger.


In reaction to the posts, fans began pleading with the boxer not to commit suicide.

“Your kids love you and need you,” a fan page for boxer Mia Ellis posted. Another added, “Don’t make [a] hasty decision off of temporary feelings.”

According to TMZ, Broner’s friends became concerned upon seeing his posts. At least one of them alerted the police to try and contact the athlete.

Though friends and fans did not feel alarmed over Broner until today, the boxer’s Instagram page hinted at struggles beginning Sept. 30. In a lengthy message, Broner wrote about his financial and legal woes as well as the pressure to marry his girlfriend.

“I gave a snitch n—- 125k in a civil suit,” Broner wrote of a settlement claiming he assaulted and robbed a man outside a Cincinnati, Ohio bowling alley in January.

“I had to give my lawyers 150k, I’m paying 14k in child support a month,” he went on, noting he “had to give the IRS 3.7 this year.”


However, he remained thankful for all that went right in his life. Broner expressed appreciation for his children and his boxing skills.

Yet weeks later, other posts surfaced of Broner wondering about why his friends abandoned him and questioning who he can trust.

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