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Bottle-flip game a hit with kids, parents not so much

Got a half-full water bottle? Then you’re ready for the latest craze making a splash with youngsters around the world.

The “bottle-flipping” game challenges players to, well, flip a half-full water bottle so that it lands upright on a window sill, table, desk or other surface. A video of Michael Senatore, 18, successfully flipping a bottle at a North Carolina school talent show – to a delirious reception from the audience – further popularized the game, reports The Independent. The video, which has racked up nearly 6 million views on YouTube.com, gained Senatore an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

But not everyone’s a fan. Some parents find the game wasteful, not to mention annoying with the constant thumping and banging of failed attempts, according to a Parents.com column, in which Hollie Actman Becker called the noise “completely annoying thanks to the Chinese water torture aspect of the sound that comes from the bottle hitting the floor.”

One parent told The Boston Globe that her kids went through $20 to $30 a week in bottled drinks playing the game. And The Daily Mail reports that a school in England has banned water bottles entirely in an attempt to curtail the fad.

Despite, or perhaps because of, parental and school disapproval, the game continues to make waves with young people. The latest twists, according to The Boston Globe, challenge players to even more impressive feats, like landing the bottle on its cap, or employing trampolines, basketball hoops and other props.

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