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Board of Water Supply warns of impersonator

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The Board of Water Supply says an impersonator called an Oahu resident to schedule a water meter reading to gain access to the home.

The Board of Water Supply said the resident refused access when the man failed to produce any BWS credentials.

The homeowner was contacted by someone requesting to schedule a leak check due to a purported high meter reading. Because the resident had a billing issue, the resident scheduled a late afternoon appointment. The man showed up in a van with no BWS markings, in non-BWS attire, and was not able to produce the proper BWS credentials, so he was denied entry.

The Board of Water Supply reminds the public that all BWS personnel involved in official BWS activities will be properly credentialed: wearing official BWS attire with the BWS logo, driving BWS labeled vehicles, and carrying an official City and County of Honolulu badge, with the agency identified as the BWS.

Photos of official BWS attire and vehicles can be viewed at http://www.boardofwatersupply.com/community/news-and-updates/consumer-alert. Additionally, the BWS does not schedule appointments to meet with a customer outside its regular business hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and does not conduct leak detection inside a customer’s property.

Residents who want to confirm the validity of an individual claiming to be a BWS employee may call the BWS at 748-5000. They are also encouraged to call the Honolulu Police Department at 911 if they observe any suspicious activity, and may also call the BWS at 748-5041 to file an additional report.