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Black bear spotted roaming around Steelton, Swatara Township

A black bear was spotted last week roaming around an area near the Steelton and Swatara Township border, according to several local residents and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The bear has been seen roaming around the Cottage Hill area of the borough, near Spruce and Sixth streets, close to the Swatara Township line.

Officer Michael Doherty, a wildlife conservation officer for Dauphin County, said the bear could be the same one that was spotted earlier this month near the Dauphin Highlands Golf Course in Swatara Township.

So far, Doherty said he has not received any reports about the about the bear being aggressive or destroying property.

“If it’s the same bear, all reports are it’s pretty timid,” Doherty said.

Doherty said he recently trapped a bear along the Waltonville Road, south of the Hummelstown area, just before Labor Day.

That bear was trapped and removed from the area because it had destroyed several 3-D archery targets, Doherty said.

“It’s that time of year,” Doherty said. “Young male bears have been kicked out by their mothers and are on the move.”

If anyone comes in contact with the bear, Doherty said they should try to make loud noises and attempt to scare it. 

Residents are also asked not to feed the bear, that means putting away garbage, bird feeders and cat food.

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