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Bill Maher: Wait Until Trump's 'Basket Of Inexplicables' Becomes The Establishment

Bill Maher wrapped up his New Rules segment this Friday night with a message for all of the Trump supporters out there who claim they hate the establishment about just who Donald Trump would put in charge if we were heaven forbid unfortunate enough to find ourselves facing the prospect of a Trump presidency come November.

From Mr. Noun-A-Verb-and-9-11 Rudy Giuliani, who claimed America never had a problem with terrorist attacks until Obama, to Trump’s sons, to con-man Pastor Mark Burns, to that loathsome Katrina Pierson and her bullet necklace, Maher ran down the list of the grifters Trump has taking to the airways and wondered what cabinet positions he may end up nominating them for.

Bill’s favorite, and my favorite part of the segment was the portion on Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, poll-truther and apparently responsible for the law suit Trump filed against Maher for his claim that Trump’s mother screwed an orangutan. (The resemblance is pretty uncanny.) Maher wrapped things up by explaining how proud he was that as a result of that court case, he forced Hair Drumpf to produce his birth certificate.

“Basket of inexplicables” indeed.

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