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Beavertown man identified as drowning victim in boating accident near Sunbury

SUNBURY — A Beavertown man has been identified as the victim of a boating accident in the Susquehanna River just south of Sunbury.

Northumberland County Coroner James F. Kelley Thursday said Walter L. DeLong, 58, died from drowning and his death has been ruled an accident.

According to the Fish and Board Commission, DeLong and another man, both wearing life jackets, were fishing Wednesday night when their boat capsized.

The other man, who was not identified, made it to shore and made contact with a resident who called emergency services.

DeLong’s body was recovered a short time later and he was pronounced dead at 1:50 a.m. Thursday, Kelley said.

Preliminary findings indicate the men were fishing close to a dam when the motor on the boat stopped.

The boat was drawn into the hydraulic boil, which forced water into it, causing it to capsize, a spokesman for the Fish and Boat Commission said.

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