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Beagle had 5-inch stick inside nose for months

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WXMI/CNN) – A beagle named “Rex” is OK after having to remove a stick that had been lodged in his nose for six months.

“He was chasing a rabbit, and he followed a rabbit into a little wood lot and came out shortly thereafter acting strange,” said Mark Kovicak, the dog’s owner.

Rex`s nose was bleeding, so Kovicak took him to a veterinarian. They flushed his nose and prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.

But after nearly six months, Rex still had a runny nose, was sneezing and not acting like himself.

Kovicak and Rex were referred to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Grand Rapids, who had an idea of what might be going on.

“He had a very acute or sudden onset of sneezing after running into the woods, so therefore a foreign body is highest on our list of possibilities,” said Dr. Amanda Conkling, DVM.

The 5-inch stick in the small snout of the beagle was so deep it required the help of the only CT scanner for pets in the city to see it. 

“If we look at the CT scan, this is an image of him on his side, and if you follow it, it goes through his skull in millimeter slices,” Conkling said. “And if we look at this little round area here, that’s where that stick was sitting in his left nasal cavity.”

The stick was removed and little Rex went home a happy, and finally healthy, dog, with a very relieved owner.

Kovicak recommended people struggling to find a diagnosis with a pet not to give up.

BluePearl hospitals are specialty and emergency veterinary facilities. Some vets suggest a protective net-guard for dogs that are outdoors a lot, to prevent the kind of injuries that Rex had.

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