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BBQ trailer stolen after man wanted to help crisis center

A Spokane Valley man trying to do good suddenly gets part of his livelihood ripped out of his front yard. Keith Pursch was getting ready to use his barbeque trailer to help feed women and children at a crisis center but just as he was about to begin preps for it, the entire trailer was stolen.

“I don’t want to do something that’s selfish. I want to do something nice for the community. Women and children at the crisis centers, I think they need recognition,” said Pursch. Pursch is a big fan of barbeque, he’s even got smokers to prove it.  That’s why he’s dedicated six years in this trailer to different competitions.

It was time to take that competition to a new level; a level of service. “We decided to go and take that money and time and put it into helping people that are probably less off than we are and serve up a nice meal and let them know that they are not forgotten and that they are still loved,” said Pursch.

Sadly, that was ripped out of his grasp when it disappeared from his driveway after someone drove into his cul de sac. “It’s kind of odd that I just got the approval a couple of days ago and turns around and the trailer is gone,” said Pursch.

Surveillance from his neighbors shows a white pickup truck come in empty handed but suddenly drive out with his trailer attached. He’s just hoping he’ll get it back so he can continue what he was trying to start. “I think god will take hold of it and make it all right,” said Pursch.

Pursch says his white 2014 trailer has two stickers on the back with one saying ‘God Bless BBQ’ with  a license plate number of 3391QD.

If you see it, call crime check 

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