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Bank robber gets federal prison for heists in Pa., N.Y.

In Robert Meader’s math, $14,147 plus $5,721 equals 51.

The two dollar figures are the amounts of cash the 31-year-old Liverpool, N.Y., man stole from two banks, one in his home state and one in Pennsylvania. The 51 is the number of months U.S. Middle District Judge Robert B. Mariani sentenced Meader to serve in federal prison for the heists.

U.S. Attorney Bruce Brandler said Tuesday that Mariani imposed the penalty five months after Meader pleaded guilty to holding up NBT Banks in Albany, N.Y, and Great Bend, Pa. He hit the Pennsylvania bank in October 2015 and the New York one in January.

Meader’s arrest resulted from a probe by the FBI, Pennsylvania State police and the sheriff’s office in Onondaga County, N.Y., Brandler said.

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