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Bangor to lose 218 jobs when call center closes in March

BANGOR, Maine — Verizon Wireless announced plans on Wednesday to close its call center on Telcom Drive in five months, relocating its 218 workers to 16 other centers around the country in what a company spokesman described as a real estate consolidation.

Company managers broke the news to the center’s workers during the day on Wednesday. Verizon spokesman Michael Murphy said the decision had nothing to do with the Bangor center’s performance.

“When we looked across the different real estate options we have, we found we had some extra seating at some of our larger call centers. We are making this move to consolidate as many customer service providers under as few roofs as possible,” Murphy said Wednesday. “Our main message to our employees is, you have jobs available for you if you are willing to relocate to other centers around the country.”

City Manager Cathy Conlow briefed city councilors on the news in an email sent on Wednesday afternoon. Conlow described the move as part of “a national decision,” adding that “3,200 employees of Verizon are affected nationwide.”

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“I could not get a specific reason as to why Bangor only” was being closed, Conlow wrote. “The decision is made.”

The center’s last day is March 24. It is among five centers closing nationwide, according to national media reports.

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