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Autumn up your tablescape with this pretty centerpiece

Halloween is just around the corner.

Add a touch of fall to your table with this pumpkin succulent centerpiece. Here’s how.

Pumpkin succulent centerpiece

  • Small juice glass that will fit inside cutout pumpkin
  • Pumpkin (small/medium)
  • Marker
  • Sharp knife
  • Potting soil
  • Variety of succulent plants
  • Votive candle

1. Place the juice glass on top of the pumpkin, add an extra inch and trace a circle.

2. Using the trace lines as a reference, cut and scoop out the pumpkin. It should be large enough to fit the glass and have an extra inch of room for soil.

3. Put the glass in the pumpkin and add soil around it. Arrange and plant succulents in the soil. Water the plants.

4. Finish by adding a votive candle inside the glass. If you have a pedestal cake plate, this would be a beautiful way to display the pumpkin on your table.


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