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Attention drivers without cash: Pa. Turnpike now accepts credit cards

The days of the frantic search for loose change in the car are over – drivers now can use credit cards to pay tolls along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 

To give travelers more options and streamline traffic at toll booths, the turnpike began accepting credit cards in a limited area Sept. 12, said Carl Defebo Jr., spokesman for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The next week, drivers were able to use their credit cards system-wide, Defebo said. 

Turnpike officials still prefer drivers use cash and E-ZPass. But drivers who are out of cash now have the ability to pay without filling out time-consuming promissory notes dubbed certificates of passage, which holds them accountable for payment at a later date. 

Completing the certificate of passage process is time consuming at the toll booth and in the office, where employees must process the paperwork, Defebo said. 

“It really is going to ease the process,” he said.

It already has.

The week prior to the system going live, the turnpike issued 6,933 certificates of passage, Defebo said. The first week the credit card system was up and running, it issued 2,462.  

The turnpike accepts most major credit cards … if you don’t have cash or E-ZPass. 

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