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As water recedes, Smithfield residents return to ruins


Some Smithfield residents are in recovery mode. The Neuse River has receded in town and folks are going back to see the damage caused by floodwaters.

People living on Seventh Street don’t have much to save. There are piles of trash lining the roadway. Everything from couches to Christmas decorations and stoves are being tossed.

The water rose 4 feet in some homes.

“I’ve never seen it this bad. In Fran, it came up to about the doorway. We never realized it would get this high,” said homeowner Davis Jones.

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Hurricane Matthew dumped 7 to 10 inches of rain on Smithfield.

The Neuse River crested Monday. People living along the waterway were evacuated.

“It got higher than Floyd did here, I think, because it came across this road here, River Road here,” said resident Davis Norris.

Some victims aren’t sure if the homes need to be demolished.

“We got to get everything out and then open everything up and let it dry,” said Jones. “We’ll have to check to see if any moisture growing.”

Some of the folks in this neighborhood do not have flood insurance.

Jones paid off his mortgage and did not keep up the policy.

County officials aren’t sure of Matthew’s financial damages. Inspectors are traveling around Johnston County on Wednesday and assessing the damage.

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