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Ahead of Obama's visit, 10 Pittsburgh innovations ready to change your life and the world

Chances are you’re holding rare earth minerals in your hand right now. 

Cellphones and an increasing number of everyday gadgets and machines rely on them to function, but extraction of these finite resources remains a costly, dangerous and largely monopolized process. 

In response, researchers like Athanasios K. Karamalidis, who is CEO and co-Founder of Anactisis, LLC, as well as an associate research professor at CMU, are developing new ways to source these minerals, including resource recovery from residential and industrial waste and even Appalachian coal. 

Clint Noack, Chief Operating Officer with Anactisis, LLC, tells PennLive that these recovery methods could also make the minerals and dependent products, like cellphones, more affordable, explaining “China produces a near monopoly on raw rare earth materials and, as a result, holds sway over the global value chain for these elements that power clean energy technologies, consumer electronics, and national security and defense systems.”   

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