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A reader shares his view on Question 3

Now and then I will come across something from a reader that I feel compelled to share. Today I want to share something with you that I feel follows the opinion of a lot of Mainers.

In our state, we have always prided ourselves on hard work and doing things our own way. We don’t like it when people come to Maine and try to make it more like where they came from, and we find it especially troublesome when people who don’t even live here try to change our way of life.

Victor Ross of Portland shares his thoughts on Question 3 on Maine’s ballot for this year and provides some insight as to who has been paying for all the signage we have been seeing as Election Day draws near…
“Just an observation. When you see hundreds, maybe even close to thousands of Yes on 3 signs peppered around the state (especially in higher population areas such as Portland), it makes you the question, “Who is actually behind the Yes on 3 campaign?” Take a quick drive around Back Bay. There is a Yes on 3 sign almost every 200’. Meanwhile, you see very few No on 3 signs on public property, but rather primarily on private property. Get out of the city and take a drive. You will primarily see No on 3 signs in front yards. Ex New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pumping millions of dollars into this state to try to get question 3 to pass. Meanwhile, you have actual Mainers doing grassroots efforts to try to combat Bloomberg’s millions of dollars. Mainers making their own homemade signs, cutting their own decals for windows, printing t-shirts, holding fundraisers, getting out and talking to their friends and family. This is NOT a Maine backed ballot initiative. This is NOT about background checks working as the signs say. Please take the time to get the facts and educate yourself on this ballot initiative. It is NOT good for Maine. I’ll be voting NO on Question 3.”
Victor Ross
Portland, ME


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To learn more about Question 3 and other important information about your second amendment rights, visit Gun Owners Of Maine.


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