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A former consultant says rail project is costing Kiewit $100 million

ukuleleblue says: “It makes no sense for Kiewit to have to lose substantially while they stay committed to the project. HART is not to blame because no one could foresee the construction boom and the increased due to the shortage of workers.”

Seriously? You don’t remember how Mufi spent millions and millions of our own tax dollars to assure us that the financial plan was solid and contained a generous contingency fund to cover any unexpected budget overruns? And that was back when the project was “only” $3.2 billion. You rail cheerleaders were right here, telling the same tired lies.

And here you are again claiming that a multibillion dollar international corporation who apparently underbid should have the struggling families of Hawaii pay for their error, and HART who repeatedly assured us that the hundreds of millions they spent on planning was wrong should have the consequences of their incompetence also fall squarely on the heads of families working two and three jobs to make ends meet.

Are you trying to enrage people and make them hate the rail project even more? You know what would help straighten this out? If you finally came clean about where you live on the mainland and what your connection is to this mess of a rail project. It’s really time you finally told the truth.

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